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About Us

Judaism is famous for pioneering community - some say it's what helped its people overcome thousands of years of persecution. But despite it being the grand unifier, we couldn't help but feel like outcasts and misfits to the communities we were born into. So as Jews do, we decided to create our own. A community, no longer tied to a specific place, rules or levels of religiousness. But instead powered by the uniting force that is culture, acceptance, humor, and most of all - weed! 

Jews loving smoking weed; that fact cannot be denied. Tokin' Jew occupies the intersection between cannabis and Judaism, using comedy, education and culture to shed light on the modern jewish lifestyle. 

Whether you're a rabbi, just jew-ish, or not even jewish at all, we welcome you to join the tokin' jew family.
For inquiries, collaborations, questions, and ‘highdeas' please send us an email at: Tokin.Jews@gmail.com