About Us

Jews loving smoking weed; that fact cannot be denied. Tokin' Jew occupies this intersection between cannabis and Judaism, using comedy to shed light on this crazy cool and historic combo!

What started out as a dorm room 'highdea' has quickly turned into a vast community of many half jews / half stoners. During Hanukkah 2018, we had an epiphany: why can't I replace the candles in menorah with joints? That night, the J' Menorah (and Tokin' Jew) was born. Over the past few years, we have built a brand and following around all things jews and all things weed.

Check us out on instagram @tokin.jew, online at tokin-jew.com, and come join the tokin' jew family! For inquiries, collaborations, questions, and ‘highdeas' please send us an email at: Tokin.Jews@gmail.com