Eight Hazy Nights

8 nights of Hanukkah means 8 chances to prove your status as an ultimate Tokin' Jew


Send us 8 videos of you ripping the J' Menorah each of the 8 hazy nights of Hanukkah.

To be eligible, each of your videos must adhere to the correct candle to night ratio - two joints on the first night, three joints on the second night, four joints on the ... you get the idea. And yes, you must take down 9 joints on the final night. 

  • Each video must show the date to prove this was over eight consecutive nights
  • You can absolutely smoke with friends, in fact we highly recommend
  • The last date of video submissions is December 10th, the Friday after Hanukkah

Please submit your videos to our instagram DMs @tokin.jew or our email at tokin.jews@gmail.com. You can choose to:

  1. Send us a video each night of Hanukkah
  2. Send us all eight videos attached at one time before Dec. 10th
  3. Send us one video compiled of all eight nights
  4. Use #EightHazyNights


Those who are successful will be inducted into the Tokin' Jew Hall of Fame
We will also send you a customized, engraved J' Menorah, like this: